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Immunization is a modern board game for 1-4 players to understand how vaccines are developed to fight diseases.

You are a Pharmaceutical Leader developing the next generation of vaccines to protect populations against fast-spreading outbreaks. Discover potent antigenic formulations, launch your clinical trials, manage your production capacity, and define your pricing strategy to successfully eradicate life-threatening diseases with best-in-class vaccines. 


Key features:

  • An innovative board game to discover vaccinology in a fun way!
  • Never the same game twice thanks to the erasable cards
  • An educational tool to engage students with an original hands-on Research & Development gaming experience.


The Immunization game can be played in 4 modes: competitive, quick competitive, cooperative and solo modes

  • Competitive Mode (90-120 min): Develop the best vaccines ever seen and outpace the competition by investing in innovative Technologies & specific Expertise to eradicate as many diseases as possible.
  • « Quick competitive » Mode (45-60min): The profile of your company is pre-defined from the beginning. Build on your strengths and take the right strategic decisions to develop an effective vaccine portfolio that can free the world from infectious disease threats.
  • Cooperative Mode (60-90 min): Join forces by forming a Biopharmaceutical Coalition and collaboratively develop effective vaccines to eradicate all the diseases as quickly as possible.
  • Solo Mode (30-45 min): You are on your own to fight fast-spreading diseases. Take smart risks by investing in new Technologies & Expertise and quickly develop effective vaccines to save the world!


The Immunization game can be played in family, with friends, but also at school as an educational tool or in  companies as a serious game for trainings and team building events.


Important Note: the Immunization board game is only available for sale in the US for the moment. The board game should be distributed in Europe by Spring 2024 in German, Spanish and French versions.


The Immunization Board Game

SKU: 2022-1001
    • 6 Erasable Disease Boards
    • 12 Erasable Vaccine Development Cards
    • 22 Technology & Expertise Cards
    • 48 Toxicology & Clinical Study Cards
    • 4 Production Capacity & Public Opinion Dual-layer Boards
    • 13 Dices
    • 110 Coins
    • 120 Reagent Tokens
    • 12 Microscope Tokens
    • 8 Cubes
    • 1 First Player Token
    • 1 Funding Token
    • 5 Pawns
    • 1 Scoring Board
    • 4 Confidentiality Screens
    • 4 Dry Erase Markers
    • 1 Scorepad
    • 4 Quick Rules Cards
    • 1 Rulebook in English
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