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Develop the best vaccines ever seen and fight infectious diseases

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Experience Science Differently

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The Game

Discover our new educational board game for 1-4 players to understand how vaccines are developed to fight diseases.

You are a Pharmaceutical Leader developing the next generation of vaccines to protect populations against fast-spreading outbreaks. Discover potent antigenic formulations, launch your clinical trials, manage your production capacity and define your pricing strategy to successfully eradicate life-threatening diseases with best-in-class vaccines.

Our ability to memorize information depends on how you get it

10% retention

content by


50% retention

content by

Vision and Listening

90% retention

content by experience

Source: Edgar Dale -The Cone of Experience

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of game elements to improve user experience and engagement in non-game services and applications.

(Deterning et al. 2011)

• The Immunitarium Team is expert in gamifying scientific concepts for educational purposes and professional training applications.

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I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I "play" and I understand.

Adapted from Confucius

Our Game Portfolio

The Immunitarium Team is currently working on 6 projects about modern games dealing with scientific concepts such as immunology, microbiology, vaccinology, nutrition and neurology.

The Immunization game is our first game commercially available.

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Experience Science Differently

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