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When the scientific knowledge becomes accessible to all

  • Our team


We are an international team of Doctors in Science with various expertise in Immunology, Genetics and Pharmacology. We have been working in the academic and private domains. We love Science and want to convey our passion through innovative approaches!

  • Our mission


Science can seem complex at first sight and we too often tend to leave this knowledge in the hands of scientists while it can be very useful in our daily lives.  The mission of the Immunitarium team is to make scientific knowledge accessible to all ages through new learning methods.

  • Our approach


We develop innovative and modern board games in order to learn in a playful way  scientific notions  important for our health and daily life. We believe that board games can help raise our health consciousness by making scientific concepts accessible to all generations in a simple and funny way. These games can be played with family, friends, by the teaching staff at school or in a professional training context.

Modern games dealing with actual health issues represent a powerful and universal communication tool to equip the current and future generations with the knowledge required to take on the biggest public health challenges.

Scientifically yours,

The Immunitarium team

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