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Discover Vaccinology by developing a vaccine portfolio and fight infectious diseases!

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A modern board game to understand how vaccines are developed to fight infectious diseases

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In a world threatened by persistent diseases and fast-spreading outbreaks, you are leading a biotech company developing the next generation of vaccines.

Your goal is to protect the most at-risk populations against infectious diseases. You are challenged to develop effective vaccines by discovering the best antigenic formulations, to launch your clinical trials, to manage your vaccine production capacity and to define appropriate vaccine prices. Pay attention to your pricing strategy since the public opinion may influence your sales.


Always remember to invest in new technologies and wisely manage your Research & Development budget in order to develop a successful vaccine portfolio to eradicate all the diseases and save lives!

About the Game

3 Game Modes




Never the same game twice!

Erasable "Disease" & "Vaccine" cards for an ever-changing fight against infectious diseases

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The Immunization board game is available in English and distributed in the US only

The game should be distributed in Europe by Spring 2024
in English, German, Spanish and French versions

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Game Principle

Create your vaccine formulas

Acquire Technologies & Expertise to accelerate your Research

Validate your vaccines with Toxicology & Clinical studies

Manage your vaccine production capacity

Launch your vaccines to fight diseases

Game Overview

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Discover & Lead

Discover the real-life Research & Development (R&D) process of vaccines with an innovative game mechanics.

Experience the management of R&D projects and the various strategies required to vanquish diseases.

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Know your enemies

Fight up to four diseases and an outbreak that evolves every turn.

Set up the Disease profiles with rewritable cards for an ever-changing game!

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Formulate & Innovate

Design new vaccines through an original way where reagents and technologies are combined to create arithmetic formulations that simulate a R&D brainstorming experience.

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Test & Validate

Select wisely your Toxicology models to test your vaccines. The Tox score will influence your chances of success in your clinical trials.

Perform clinical trials to validate the safety and efficacy of your vaccines in humans.

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Manufacture & Scale up

Manage your vaccine production via your Manufacturing board.

Expand your production capacity by investing in the appropriate technologies and expertise.

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Distribute & Immunize

Launch best-in-class vaccines to address the medical needs and collect Immunization points.

Define your pricing strategy according to the vaccine recommended prices and be cautious with your Company's reputation represented by your public opinion score.

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Adapt your strategy & Succeed

Add the Outbreak expansion in the gameplay to understand how viral mutations can impact vaccine efficacy.

Optimize your vaccine to eradicate the outbreak before the next antigenic drift.

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To each mode its own challenges

Play Immunization in Competitive Mode with privacy screens to immerse yourself in the secret world of Biotechs.

Or opt for Cooperation and race as a team against time.

How to Play

The rule book is in English only.

The translations in German, Spanish and French are coming soon.

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Develop your vaccine formulas
Perform toxicology studies
Initiate clinical studies
Define your pricing strategy
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