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Discover the world of vaccines
with our digital Immunization game

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3 Game Modes

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An innovative and strategic Game about R&D

  • Discover vaccinology and the universe of biotechs in a fun way

  • Explore different strategies of Research & Development to eradicate diseases in an efficient way

  • An ever-changing game experience thanks to the random design of the Disease boards

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How to Play

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Create your vaccine formulas

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Acquire Technologies & Expertise to accelerate your Research

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Validate your vaccines with toxicology and clinical studies

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Manage your vaccine 
production capacity

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Launch your vaccines to fight diseases

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Our online Immunization Game is available on

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Play the Cooperative & Competitive Modes of Immunization:

  • 2 Players

  • Solo

From $4.99 / month

Play the Multiplayer Cooperative & Competitive Modes of Immunization:

  • 3 Players

  • 4 Players

And access +2000 online Boardgames

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