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Master the forgotten nutritional knowledge to defeat the four infectious Kingdoms

An original card game to discover the benefits of a healthy diet on your immune system

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Our world is surrounded by pathogens. The four infectious realms, Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites have made an alliance that threaten the future of the human race.

The guild of the Health Armors, a talented community of knights, represents the last bastion against this infectious plague to awake a universal health consciousness for the salvation of mankind.

Let food be your first medicine

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Health Armors is a cooperative game where up to four Knights can combine their specific skills to fight pathogens.

To emerge victorious, the Knights will have to survive the infectious assaults by building potent immune armors through a healthy nutrition combined with an appropriate hygienic and medicinal strategy. They will need to prepare nutritious potions for their protection in order to defeat the hoards of microbes that proliferate in our lands.

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Snapshot of the prototype

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1. Select your character from the beginning or acquire its skills during the game.

2. Create powerful nutritious potions to build your immune armor.

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3. Collect special cards to limit the deleterious effects of the dark food and  allergies

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4. Fight the pathogens from the four infectious kingdoms

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5. Limit contagions with the right hygienic and medicinal countermeasures.

6. Find the magic relics that will enhance your strength.

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